Todos Santos Open Studio Tour 2023

“Door on the Dune” by Kate Turning

Stay tune for Todos Santos Open Studio Tour 2024 with our 13th edition on February, 9, 10 and 11.

After a two year hiatus the Todos Santos Open Studio Tour is back with our 12th edition. This year we have over 50 artists and many of them are new to the tour.

We will be kicking off the weekend on Friday, February 3, 2023, 6 – 8pm with a Meet the Artist Opening party at Doce Cuarenta Todos Santos. During this event you will have a chance to meet some of the artists before the tour. Don’t miss out on the special live auction to help raise money for The Palapa Society. We will also have live music along with a food a beverage pairing that will be sure to tempt your tastebuds.

Saturday and Sunday, February 4 & 5, 2023 is when our most talented artists in the area open up their private studios and share their magic with you. Each artist will be showcasing and selling art at their studios. This is the highlight of the weekend. Our last tour saw about 300 people over one weekend. We are anticipating this year to be at the same level. So wear your comfortable shoes and don’t forget to bring water. We will have refill stations available at various locations that you will be able to locate on your map.

That leads us to the most exciting update for our tour… We are holding our first ever ZERO WASTE event. We are teaming up with Cero Basura BCS to create an event that aligns with cero basura principles to produce increasingly less waste. This means that there will be a LIMITED number of paper maps this year, and NO paper maps next year. There will be a digital map that will be made available to you . Simply access via your cell phone. This map will show you all the locations of the artists studios, photos of some of their work and bio’s about each of them. You can mark you favorite ones or preplan your route based on the artists you want to see.

Friday, February 3, 2023
Meet the Artist: Opening Party
Location: Doce Cuarenta
6 – 8 PM
Live Music, Silent Auction and Food and Beverage Pairing.
Ticket Price: $600 MXN / $30 USD

Saturday, February 4, 2023
Ticket Price: $300 MXN / $15 USD for both tour days, children under 17 are free
10 – 4 pm Tour the art studios of Todos Santos
In Person Ticket Sales: DoceCuarenta Saturday and Sunday of event only

Sunday, February 5, 2023
10 – 4 pm Tour the art studios of Todos Santos

12 Annual Todos Santos Open Studio Tour Featured Artists

Anne Hebebrand

Anne Hebebrand lives six months of the year in Todos Santos where her art is informed by the beauty around her as she searches to express these sensations in a deeply personal voice. Hebebrand’s paintings are like maps of memories and ever changing impressions of the world. Overlapping geometric shapes rich in texture and color reveal an array of details of delicate transitions and passages. An ongoing exploration of cold wax and oil techniques lead to a tactile surface created not only by adding layers, but also by excavating and unearthing earlier layers. To continue reading…

Barro Sur – Steven Jacobi

Steven Jacobi discovered ceramics almost by accident, taking a summer pottery class with his mother while home from college in North Carolina. He was lucky enough to work for four years under well-known Japanese ceramic artist Hiroshi Sueyoshi; acquiring an attention to aesthetic detail and craftsmanship that guides his work to this day.

He went on to study and assist at a variety of schools and studios where he learned a broad range of traditional and cutting-edge techniques. To continue reading…

Dennis Canty

Dennis Canty is a landscape painter working in Baja California and the Pacific Northwest. Many of his paintings focus on the streams, rivers, bays, and open seas around him and are an outgrowth of many years as a sailor, kayaker, and conservationist. To continue reading…

Erick Ochoa

Born in Mexico City in 1978, he spends most of his life between Querétaro and the State of Baja California Sur, from a very young age he began his curiosity and admiration for art, taking him on his own initiative to innumerable visits to museums and galleries. In his creative search, he began a short career in carpentry with his father and it is there where he considers that he acquired the love and appreciation of different materials and their transformation. To continue reading…

Gina Cerda

Creativity is innate in my being. Rather than be in rooms as a child, my passion was to be with nature. Living my childhood in four distinct seasons on the east coast, I grew to love light, color, shadows and darkness. Nature has always been my teacher. I am a self-taught artist and my art has a deep spiritual connection to nature. My livelihood for 20 years was creating art with metal and welding as my medium. I continued with fervor until my working wrist, arm. and shoulder asked me to stop. The communication was via pain. That is when I started painting with acrylics. Immediately I fell in love yet again. I realized clearly that my creativity is a gift. It shows up in many ways. Presently I am studying oil and cold wax. A stimulating challenge. To Continue Reading…

Jan Marie Sessler

Jan Marie Sessler has been living and working as an artist since 1993. She has exhibited in the U.S., Mexico, Austria and other countries, including Namibia at the U.S. Embassy in through the Art in Embassies Program. In Todos Santos, Jan Marie has exbibited with Galeria de Todos Santos and more recently with Galeria Militar. Her work is in permanent collections at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, New Mexico, the Ross Art Museum in Ohio and the Dayton Art Institute also in Ohio. In 2008 Jan was awarded a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation in New York City. To Continue reading…

Jill Logan

Jill Logan makes art as she lives – with passion, energy, and dedication. A prolific artist in her forties, Logan returns to the familiar, exploring, reinventing, constantly seeking out new avenues of creative expression. In creating her own distinctive style, she has caught the eye of discerning collectors. Jill Logan’s presence as an important artist continues to expand in both international and national art circles

“An interesting phenomenon has emerged over the years I have been painting whereby something makes its appearance that was previously hidden beneath the linear view of the subject. To continue reading…

Jill Mollenhauer

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and at the suggestion of one of my science teachers, I began to direct my college studies toward medical illustration. However, partway through, I was offered a job teaching Junior High level art and I discovered a new interest. This position morphed into full time employment teaching grades K through 8, along with private classes for all ages. This interaction with my students so filled me with joy, that I dedicated myself to it fully.

After a decade with the school, the opportunity arose to focus solely on my work as a freelance artist, so I jumped in and began painting murals. To continue reading…

Kate Turning

Kate is an internationally celebrated artist, having created projects for musicians like Katy Perry and Britney Spears, Broadway shows, viral campaigns and Hollywood movie posters while concurrently pursuing her path in the fine art world. Among Kate’s major influences have been her deep love of painting in all its forms from the Old Masters to Pop-Surrealism as well as the works of Joseph Campbell and his concept of The Hero’s Journey. She strives to magnify the larger than life aspects of imagination and message when she creates her works of magical realism. Kate believes that visual artists have a huge responsibility to create positive symbols that carry our human spirit forward. To continue reading…

Linda Corbet

I have been an artist since early childhood. I have raised six children, owned three businesses, traveled and lived a very full life. However, I have always had at least a corner somewhere in my busy life to continue my art. While in college I studied fine art with an emphasis in painting. I have painted everything in every medium. I have taught many people the joy of painting in watercolors. To continue reading…

Marc Bjorklund

EDUCATION: BFA; University of Washington School of Art
Studied painting and printmaking with a major in 
Graphic design.
MFA; Cranbrook Academy of Art,
Bloomfield Hills,  Michigan
Studied printmaking with a focus on 
King County Arts Commission
Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle Washington
GROUP EXHIBITIONS: Brooklyn Museum of Art “Thirty years of American Printmaking”, Stone Press Gallery, Seattle Washington, Davidson Gallery, Seattle Washington
Instagram: marcbjorklund

Mark Gabriel

Mark Gabriel is an award-winning multi-media artist who began his career in the underground comics and fanzine world while bashing away at his bass guitar in punk bands at night. Mark graduated Sheridan College Illustration top of his class and developed his signature style working in book and magazine illustration. A career in film widened Mark’s palette as muralist, scenic artist and concept illustrator, eventually finding a voice in Production Design. To continue reading…

Pablo Marquez

In these photographs I am following a personal act of conscious freedom. When I undertake the journey to remote nature, the focus of the work is on my own spirit in union with the ephemeral nature discovered without being influenced by an external need.
The photographs are a documentation, through the timeless forms of the natural world, that could not be there in the next moment, or day, and they are part of eternity. I see it as a potential mystery to be solved, a stimulus for the imagination.
In my own discovery of the work, there is a new way of seeing, feeling and understanding, . To Continue Reading….

Sarah Givens

S. Givens, a local Baja artist and Mexico resident comes from an artistic family. She was raised in Oklahoma, but discovered her love of art after having the opportunity to travel to places like Paris, France. 
She enjoys meeting other artist and finding inspiration in the places she visits. 
She was encouraged to paint pop art donkeys by her daughter and artist, Darren Grant. That has been her focus for several years. She also truly enjoys painting pet portraits. 
Sarah paints with acrylics and has an eye for color. She admires abstract, favors painting with precision and deeply saturated colors. She feels pairing bright colors with humorous animal faces really makes people happy. 
She enjoys encouraging others to find their creative side. She practices photography, writes poetry and volunteers. 
Find her, Sarah Givens on Facebook. 

Tori Sepulveda

Tori celebrates life and light and energy in her colorful and vibrant oil paintings of people, horses and landscapes of Baja California. Her paintings evoke her love for the land and the spirit of Mexico.

She and her husband were drawn to Todos Santos in 2005 after a career teaching art in California at the high school level where she specialized in guiding her students through advanced placement courses, setting them onto paths for their own careers. To continue reading…

Wendy Seskind

Wendy Seskind was born in Southern California and divides her time between Todos Santos and Santa Barbara. Her love of paint, textiles, paper, leather and clay have continually informed and balanced her curious spirit into form, while her colors and textures appear and mutate in silent marks and poetic intensity. She embraces the elements of chance and the beauty of uncertainty. To continue reading…