Anne Hebebrand

Meet the Artist

Anne Hebebrand

Anne Hebebrand splits her time between Bath, Maine and Todos Santos maintaining two studios where she paints and teaches.
Color is a constant in Anne’s work. She loves exploring new color combinations and juxtapositions. In her paintings she is interested in reconstructing space through shapes, colors, patterns and gestures. Joy and play guide her in the  daily practice of being in the studio and to approach painting experimentally. Anne focuses on keeping painting fresh by letting things flow and not intervening too much in the process. 


Teaching has been an integral part of Anne’s art making, helping her verbalize formal as well as philosophical ideas. Much like in her own artwork she fosters an inquisitive attitude of why we do what we do! In 2012 she was named Outstanding Secondary Arts Educator of the year by the Connecticut Art Education Association. Anne is a graduate from the Boston Museum School, where she was a recipient of the Dana Pond Painting Award. A former highschool teacher and college instructor, she now offers workshops in her studio in Todos Santos every winter.


Anne is represented by the Galeria Todos Santos in Todos Santos and at Pez Gordo, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Her new work will be on display at Portland Maine Jewish Museum in Jan 2020. Anne has exhibited at various galleries and museums in the New England area and has been featured in several publications including the New York Times and Art New England.

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List of mediums Anne uses: Acrylics, Collage, Mixed Media, Oil & Watercolor


You can also find Anne’s art at these galleries:

Pez Gordo – San Jose del Cabo
Galeria de Todos Santos – Todos Santos


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Video: Meet the Artist: Anne Hebebrand, from our 9th Annual Open Studio Tour