Annebet Muceus

Meet the Artist…

Annebet MuceusLiving in Todos Santos has expanded my vision and appreciation of color. The close proximity of the mountains, rising from the desert beside the power of the Pacific Ocean, lends a quality to the environment that truly inspires.

Annebet MuceusComing from an artistic family, I started my art career as a child.  At Boston University and UC Berkeley, I majored in fine arts and progressed from sculpture into painting. Living in northern Nevada I realized the lack of a quality art program for young students, so I started an art program that took me to five rural schools and later to teach at the Great Basin College.  That interest makes me especially supportive of the Palapa Society and all it’s good work for aspiring students.

My painting started with watercolors as I admired the work of several influential artists, then moved through acrylics and now I am concentrating with cold wax medium and oils.  Anne Hebebrand has been a valuable mentor who has critiqued and encouraged me as I experimented with the medium.

The community of artists in the Todos Santos area is supportive and exhilarating. I enjoy the chance to discuss our work and to get new ideas in a productive atmosphere. At present I divide my time between northern Nevada and Todos Santos as well as traveling whenever the chance arises.  The emphasis in my painting is centered on a sense of place. I love the people of Baja, the melding of diligence and enjoyment of life, which combined with the spectacular surroundings gives me infinite subjects to pursue in my work.

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