Art Just Down the Road

Julie Vandervoort

Julie Vandervoort was born and raised in Hawaii. She and her husband bought property and built a home in Baja in 2005, splitting their time in both locations. “Baja reminds me of Hawaii as a child, full of nature, undisturbed. It was my high school art teacher who urged me to continue with art,” she says.

Julie began selling her batik wall art and clothing as her daughter came along, and went from there to ceramics, acrylics, and watercolor. After retirement as a teacher of art (and other subjects) for 23 years, art continues to be her passion. Julie says, “I’m thrilled to be in this group with friends who support and inspire me.”


Susan Farrar

Susan Farrar is a wife and mother (three sons) who moved full-time to Baja Sur in 2010. She says, “I enjoy the desert and the ocean, so what better place to live?” After raising a family, Susan was an English teacher in Washington State for 20 years before retiring to Baja. Always dabbling in some kind of art, she is serious about learning more.

“Photography, painting skulls or rocks, using acrylic and watercolor is what keeps my heart and mind focused on nature and especially the area where we live now. Meeting others with the same interests has been inspiring to me. It’s fun to be me and paint with such great women in the group “Art Just Down the Road” in El Pescadero.

“Art Just Down the Road” is looking forward to hanging their pieces in La Casita in Todos Santos during high season. “Thanks, Sergio, for your support of Pescadero artists.”

+52 612-183-1715

Linda Corbet

I studied fine art in college, specializing in watercolors and oils. I began painting in college and never stopped. I am now 70 years alive.

Two years ago I fell in love with a new medium ( acrylic pour painting) and I moved to the beach in Pescadero, Mexico. Totally inspired by the ocean and fluid painting, I am creating exciting new works full of life and movement. Most poured paintings are in the abstract form, but I put imagery in my acrylic pour paintings.

I still paint in watercolors, specializing in commissioned portraits. I also teach weekly watercolor classes.

My work can be seen at Noah’s Sushi in Pescadero and La Casita in Todos Santos. My website is:

Sarah Givens

I am an Arizona transplant and Oklahoma native. I come from an artistic family. I have been a true fan of art ever since seeing a David Kroll painting on the Dawn Princess in 2001. My two favorite artists are both American: David Kroll and Noah Leaf Mendelson.

I have been adapting my creativity for the past 3 years. I am a huge fan of painting farm animals, especially burros. I find that bright color with a humorous animal character really makes people happy. I am currently painting in a pop art style with acrylics. I also enjoy mixed media. I love the use of paper in my art and enjoy making my own colorful paper backgrounds.

Find me on Instagram @bahablu.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.