Arturo Mendoza Elfeo

Meet the Artist…

Arturo Mendoza ElfeoArturo was born in Ciudad de Mexico in 1982, but it was not until he moved to the city of Querétaro that he found the opportunity to explore his creativity and express his ideas through paintings. During his sleepless nights that he suffered for a long period, he explored between concepts and techniques without limiting himself in his eagerness to find his own style.

“The only thing you can not afford is to be afraid of spoiling, only spoiling is possible to find the right accident, which is worth doing yours”

Arturo Mendoza ElfeoIn 2001 he came to the community of Todos Santos where he found the ideal place to establish his own gallery and finally forge his style. Influenced by the surrealism of Salvador Dalí and the colors of Mark Rothko Arturo gave shape and meaning to his oil paintings.

“I always looked for people to feel something when observing my paintings, to identify themselves and to have the freedom to create their own version and in that zeal my characters were born.” 

“I do not like to interfere by telling my version of what I painted, I prefer to listen to the stories that are created through different people and discover that as some agree with my intention, there are others that take completely different directions”

His paintings are stories that continue to be told when the work is finished and that can change with the day to day.

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