Cate Thomassen

Meet shardArtist®

Cate Thomassen

A native of Canada, Cate originally worked in paint and found object sculpture—exhibiting and receiving grants both individually and as a member of “The Coterie of Malcontents” artist collective.

In 2002 she moved to California where necessity dictated a change in media. There she made the serendipitous discovery that she could combine her first loves, and in effect both paint and sculpt in mosaics.

In 2010, she launched shardArtist. Her work was quickly accepted in highly competitive juried shows and sought after through private commissions.

Cate now creates mosaics from her studio in Todos Santos, Mexico where she continues to draw inspiration from the world around her.

“Rarely without a camera, I use photos taken while hiking, tide pooling or otherwise engaging with my environment as a spark for a new piece. From there I build organically. Stained and art glass, as well as polished and unpolished minerals, are among my favorite media. Using and shaping the geometry of hard-edged materials, I love the challenge of portraying the texture, flow and topography of living forms.” – Cate Thomassen

To learn more about Cate and view her work, click here to view her website.

Mixed Media Mosaics