Charlotte Hacker-Mullen

Meet the Artist…

Charlotte Hacker-MullenSLUDGEPONY, aka Charlotte Hacker-Mullen, is a visual artist from rural South Carolina who has made her way across USA and enjoys working most in Todos Santos, Mexico. Sludgepony’s work focuses on interconnectivity amongst humans, animals, and the environment. She loves incorporating vibrant colors, seedy characters, and a whole lot of imagination into her work. The work aims to reminds us, in the most light hearted way, that we are all reliant on and effected by one another. Sludgepony enjoys creating something seemingly complex through repetition and aims to capture the sensation of being simultaneously repulsed by and attracted to an image or scene. 

Charlotte Hacker-MullenSludgepony is inspired by abstract expressionism, automatism, old Nickelodeon cartoons, and the contrast between quiet country life and the griminess modern of city life.  

Techniques: Drawing, Illustration, Painting (small scale acrylic on canvas to large scale murals), mixed media/sculpture.

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