Gerardo Rendon

“Graphic work is my passion; it is the window that lets you see what you are and what you’re not.  It’s a reflection of what you see, hear and feel.”

I studied Graphic Design in Mexico City.  Simultaneously, I studied painting with Isaury Paulet and subsequently I studied engraving under Enrique Luft.

I’ve created logo identity for craft beers, cafés and restaurants, as well as rock bands and motorcycle clubs.  Recently I created a series of hand-painted watches for Self Edge, a clothing store.  Another activity I enjoy very much is teaching; I’ve taught from the primary to the university levels.

In the city of Pátzcuaro I was part of the Achokez Art Collective, where we organized and created the 1st Engravers Gathering and the state-level engraving contest “Gráfica Viva I”.

In San José del Cabo I received honorable mention in the First International Arts Festival in recognition of my work.

For the past two years I’ve been commissioned to create the engravings that were awarded to the winners of the 2017 and 2018 “Los Cabos Open of Surf”.

Individual shows:

Anglo Mexican Foundation – Mexico City: Autumn 2012
CREFAL Bookstore, Pátzcuaro Michoacán: Summer 2012
Old Jesuit College Cultural Center, Pátzcuaro Michoacán: Spring 2015 / Summer 2016

Group shows:

Old Jesuit College Cultural Center, Pátzcuaro Michoacán
CRAM, Zamora Michoacán
José Guadalupe Posada Museum, Aguascalientes
CREFAL Bookstore, Pátzcuaro Michoacán

Museo del Cobre, Sta Clara del cobre, Michoacán
Poliforum Morelia Cultural Center, “15th State Encounter for Paint and Engraving Efraín Vargas”, 2013
La CalacaPress, Chicago Ill. 2013
10th Edition of Entijuanarte, 2014
International Visual Arts Festival, San José del Cabo, BCS 2014
Bibliotheca Alexandrina of Egypt, 2015
Big Medium Gallery , Austin TX, 2017

Briscia, Italia, Nov 2018

Tiripetio Cultural Center, Michoacán, 2019

Instagram @gerardorendonsalcedo