Jimena Garcia

Meet the Artist…

Jimena GarciaJimena Garcia is inspired by the blended states of the real and dream worlds we share every day – those moments we feel alive and present, and those we feel like we are floating outside of ourselves – everything between what we experience in our subconscious and our conscious.

Jimena Garcia

Always experimenting with various tools and materials she has found herself gravitating towards using natural pigments and wood as her canvas. Using plaster to build texture, natural pigments for intense color and letting the shapes form of their own volition. 

Currently inspired by the unknown element of space, perhaps seen as the fifth element by some, which is more abstract than the four elements of wind, fire, water, and earth. Space is full, and empty at the same time. “The elements manifest in space as light, emotion, energy. We are the ones that give them shape, that is our vision. That is why in this collection I even used a different technique for the expression of this 5th element.”

Jimena also participates in The Baja 100, a Art Walk held each month in Todos Santos during the winter and spring. 

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