Jimena Garcia

Meet the Artist…

Jimena Garcia is inspired by the blended states of the real and dream worlds we share every day – those moments we feel alive and present, and those we feel like we are floating outside of ourselves – everything between what we experience in our subconscious and our conscious.

Always experimenting with various tools and materials she has found herself gravitating towards using natural pigments, acrylic and wood as her canvas. 

She has always been inspired by women. In her two lasts collections she is honoring them by her Collection “Medicine Women” and “Estamos Soñando”. 

“We are part of the same beat” is one of her messages through out her art. She says “My art is just the potential that comes from an empty canvas, and that is what I think we are too, Infinite potential”

Jimena also participates in The Baja 100, a Art Walk held each month in Todos Santos during the winter and spring. 



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