Mark Gabriel

Meet the Artist…

Mark Gabriel is an award-winning multi-media artist who began his career in the underground comics and fanzine world while bashing away at his bass guitar in punk bands at night. Mark graduated Sheridan College Illustration top of his class and developed his signature style working in book and magazine illustration. A career in film widened Mark’s palette as muralist, scenic artist and concept illustrator, eventually finding a voice in Production Design.

After a fortuitous trip to Baja California landed Mark in the Todos Santos area, where he has been inspired to return to his roots – art and music.

At the threshold of the desert and the sea, Mark Gabriel has tapped into the primal energy of Baja California bringing an essential raw power to his art – painting works on unique pieces of scavenged driftwood: mythical creature mash-ups of revolutionaries and birds, ranchero cowboys, musicians and stray dogs, as well as the flying whales of which he has become known. 

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