Peter Holden

Meet the Artist…

Peter Holden is a Painter and Artist. He was born in Los Angeles, CA and lives part of the year in the Pacific Northwest and the other part in Todos Santos, BCS.

Peter has a history and lineage in art. He grew up loving sports and music and having great, supportive family and friends. While painting was always present – his grandmother was a Laguna landscapist and one of his two older brothers was an accomplished artist – his focus was really on guitar and music. When he got to college at UCSB he started playing music with visual artists, and took a liking to painting. He began to take classes in Art History in college. After a 6 month European “grand tour” which featured all of the major museums in any one city or country, art began to loom larger in his life.

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Galería de Todos Santos
Galeria de Ida Victoria