Taller de Terreno Arts + Wellness Center

Meet Artists Christa Assad + Kevin Wickham…

Located 15 kilometers north up the coast from Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Taller de Terreno Arts + Wellness Center is a destination site for artist residencies, immersive workshops and symposiums. TDT was founded in 2017 by Christa Assad and Kevin Wickham, a dynamic artist-duo whose shared desire to sustain a healthy, outdoor-based lifestyle led them to the pueblo mágico of Todos Santos.

The topography, climate and natural resources of this tropical desert location attracted the artists and suited Kevin’s architectural plans for a site with passive and sustainable design systems. The couple have dedicated their home, workshop and garden spaces to be experiential for visitors.

“We’re creating a sanctuary for learning in a cross-disciplinary, think tank context. In a sustainable ranch setting, participants exchange ideas, practice wellness, and work toward assimilating the built environment into the natural one.”

Phase II plans include expanded guest accommodations and workshop space for all mediums. Phase III: Museo.

To learn more about Taller Terreno, please click here to view their website. 

Phone: 00-1-415-503-8617
Mediums: acrylic, plywood, ceramic, steel, concrete + more