Emanuela Gardner

Meet the Artist…

Emanuela Gardner, was born in Verona, Italy in 1952 and was raised in Rome. She studied philosophy at the University of Rome and continued to develop her skills as a painter and photographer, passions of hers since childhood. Mrs. Gardner arrived in New York in 1981 after having spent 2 years in London and 2 years in India.

In NY she joined the Art Student League to continue to develop as a painter. During this period, she received an assignment from Italian Vogue to photograph Jeff Koons.  This was the beginning of her career as portrait photographer which over the past 20 years has included Raul Julia, Carl Bernstein, Leo Castelli and Walter Cronkite to name a few.  Aside from her portrait work, Mrs. Gardner has an extensive body of work as a landscape photographer. She has exhibited her landscapes in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome,Paris, S.Barth, Todos Santos.

Baja’s fantasy

Inspired by the extraordinary mix of nature’s beauties found in BajaCalifornia, Emanuela Gardner creates a series of images of a world full of color’s and wonder.
As Walt Disney “painted” an imaginary fantasy world in the famous “Fantasia”with bolts of music to accentuate the flow in the colors and movement, E.G.reaches thru her colors and macrophotography, a world we usually don’t see.It’s all around us, everywhere but our “eye” doesn’t catch it. Emanuela is creating a wonderful world, full of love and colors and if one allows himself to get lost in it, a wonderful experience…The greens the yellows the purples surrounds us and one wants more, please more, to be touching this beauty …one is left with the wonder. How to be part of this Universe. E.Gardner gives us colors and emotions thru her extraordinary capacity to see the detail of such subjects.

Emanuela has worked and lived in New York for 25 years, using slides and printing on color paper’s her photography. In this Show she’s presenting her work on canvas, enabling her to really focus on the colors and forms, sometimes abstract details of a beautiful flower or leaf or cactus.
Her passion for her work as a means to relate the beauty she sees in her world is addictive. In the past she has done a powerful study of the beauties ofRoman Statues in her native Roma. Those are black and white images of a lost world that still today is proof of the Mastery in the Italian Arts. As for her statues and later on for her color images of Times Square as the recent work on the Statues in Central Park, she is giving all her love and intuition for the beauty that surrounds us that so easily we take for granted. Emanuela Gardner is giving us the gift to look into our beauties and for that reason she has been recognized as a powerful Artist.

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