Mia Von Loga

Meet the Artist…

When in 2012 I set foot onto the Baja California Sur for the first time, I finally knew where home for me really was. And I gave my heart to the Whales and México. Art is not only a passion. It is a natural instinct for me. There isn’t even a choice. Being creative is calming, exciting and energizes me at the same time.

Bringing to life “El Latido de México” united what I love so deeply, México and its whales. With the whales I have experienced a connection like with nothing despite. They to me are the highest form of love & existence. Every time i can see a piece I create become alive, my heart bursts in the purest joy. Especially when that piece “is” a whale!

As a curious being by nature, I am a creator of many things by constantly trying new things. The making of Linocuts, for me an almost meditative process of bringing something into life, has enchanted me as one of my favourite plays, besides photography, music, designing and writing.

Soon I started to mix the physical print with digital images I created. This way, it allows me to change little details and express the stream of perspectives in all angles and stages. Expressing the essential object (the print) and the nuances (digital part) creating the “tune of the moment”.

Living also in a metropole on the other side of the world – in London, United Kingdom – where life is very different to desert life, one of my deepest wishes is to build bridges between cultures and two incredibly rich worlds.

During the tour a mix of my created things will be available. To see more of my work. Please visit MiaVonLoga.com