The Palapa Society

Mission Statement

The Palapa Society of Todos Santos ACThe Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C., founded in 2003, is a multi-cultural non-profit Mexican Civil Association. Our mission is the development and administration of scholarship, educational, environmental programs for the benefit of local children and their families. This is accomplished by working in concert with various community entities and through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers.


Palapa School Students, Todos SantosWe consider children to be the most precious resource of all and are working to improve the quality of their lives. We believe the secret to the future of this pueblo, and the promise for a better world, resides in the education and welfare of our children.

Since its inception in 2003, the basic goal remains the same: optimizing opportunities for local children. Thanks to Peter Buck, Chloe Johnson and the Todos Santos Music Festival, our improved financial health has allowed us to broaden the levels of educational support we provide. We are now at our 15-year milestone and through a generous donation from David and Cindy Higgins, the Palapa Learning Center was completed and opened its doors to the SEP-certified Palapa School for middle school and eventually high school, Puente building for English language classes, and a new Library. This new chapter in our growth allows us to serve even more members of the community providing a lifetime of options and opportunities. To learn more please click here to visit our website. 


Video: The Palapa Learning Center – a new chapter for education for Todos Santos