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Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico is known for its small town charm and natural beauty. It’s also a home for over 40 artists, their talents range from painting, murals, ceramics, woodworking, mosaics and more. The first weekend of February each year, The Palapa Society hosts the Todos Santos Open Studio Tour. 100% of the proceeds go directly to their community programs, which help to serve the educational needs for families in the community.

The 2023 Todos Santos Open Studio Tour Artists

All artists listed will be participating in the 2023 Todos Santos Open Studio Tour. To view an artists profile, hover over the selected artist and click the box. If artist has no bio page then you will remain on this page. 


Full List of Participating Artists 2023

Please note the # next to the Artists name, this is for their location on our map. (Studio Numbers will be released in January 2023)

Anne Hebebrand – Acrylics, Collage, Mixed Media, Oil & Watercolor
Annebet Mucues – Acrylic
AR Galeria – Arturo Mendoza Elfeo
Archie Gomez
Ardis Young
Barro Sur – Ceramics
Benito Ortega Vargas – Wood Sculptor
Buena Vista – Dennis Canty
Cesar Perales
Chris Wyrick
Dennis Canty
Denise Dowd
Donna Billick
Elena Vazquez
Emmanuela Garnder – Studio del Cielo – Photography
Erick Ochoa
Ezra Katz
Galeria Enrique Guerrero
Gerardo Rendon
Gina Cerda
Gloria Espinoza
India Maya
Jan Marie Sessler
Jana Soper
Jason Durland – Wood Turning / Silk Dyer
Jenelle Aubade
Jill Logan – Galeria Logan – Mixed Media
Jill Mollenhauer – Goddess Studio – Mixed Media
Jill Valliere Studio
Jimena Garcia – Mixed Media
Jose Miguel Blanco
Kate Turning
Kenny Viese
Kimberly Norberg & Maxine Jacobson, Adornos Gallery
Laura Zick

Lee Mothes
Linda Corbet – Art Just Down the Road
Magic Vortex – Charlotte Hacker Mullen – Sludgepony
Mari Jose Coppel
Marc Bjorklund
Mark Gabriel – Galeria Militar – Acrylic, Mixed Media on Wood
Marsha Dahlquist
Mayra Castillo
Mia Von Loga
Napoleón Dominguez
N.E Hayles Studio
Oliver Martinez
Pablo Marquez – Galeria Marquez
Sarah Givens – Art Just Down the Road – Acryllics
Taller de Terreno Arts + Wellness – Christa Assad & Kevin Wickham –  Acrylic, Plywood, Ceramic, Steel, Concrete + More
Tori Sepulveda – Galeria Victoria – Oils/Mixed Media
Wendy Seskind